Welcome to TG-17

About Us

TG-17 is a code name until launch


We are excited to reveal the initiation of a pioneering new company that will solve a fundamental problem of a global market, through innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology.  

This early-stage startup is positioned to make a major impact thanks to a novel approach, strong funding, and a leadership team of veteran entrepreneurs with a proven track record of founding and establishing successful high-tech enterprises that have created outstanding value for shareholders (both team members and investors), as well as for customers.


Our highest priority at this time is establishing a team to create the new technology and affiliated products and services.  We seek collaborative, energetic, innovative team members, who bring a positive mindset and passionate focus.  We seek individuals who are inspired by the prospect of developing a new technology and service that will ultimately benefit a very large market around the world, and who are driven as much by the personal as by the financial rewards of a start-up experience.   


At the foundation of our technology is the real-time processing of very large amounts of data at unparalleled scale. Our innovations will draw on advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) for Native Language Processing (NLP), and voice and image processing.  We are also innovating in the area of user experience, as our goal is for users/customers not only to benefit from but also to enjoy interacting with our product and services.  At this time, we are not at liberty to publicly reference additional key technologies. 


Product Management

Sourcing top talent with user-centric, generalist, and technologist-oriented backgrounds.  Candidates will have a unique opportunity to help build an innovative customer experience powered by AI and ML 

Product Design

Looking for interaction/UX designers, visual designers, and user researchers with a passion for designing novel and highly efficient user experiences 


Seeking data scientists, machine learning engineers, technology leaders, and developers in the domains of scale-out back-end, front-end, and mobile applications